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For thousands of years people have known that the mind and body are one. Practices such as prayer and meditation were developed to change and train the mind. Science now accepts that the brain is where the mind and body come together and that by training the mind, we can change the brain.

Science has also shown that meditation practice brings many benefits, such as reducing high blood pressure, decreasing anxiety and depression, reducing stress, increasing creativity and helping with addictive disorders.

Neurofeedback training (or EEG biofeedback training) allows you to make these changes faster and easier, taking the guesswork out of traditional meditation practices, allowing you to improve our wellbeing.

Just as we can train our bodies to become stronger, fitter and more flexible, so can you train your brain. Neurofeedback gives us real time information and teaches it to calm down or speed up depending on your needs.

Laura Lilienthal has been using neurofeedback and meditation since 2000. Her unique combination of meditation, mindfulness and neurofeedback will allow you to learn how to control your mental state with ease, whether you want to improve your overall well being, reduce depression and anxiety, improve or start your meditation practice. 

She is the only Awakened Mind practitioner currently practising in the UK.
laura lilienthal Lilienthal

Whether you are looking to ease depression and anxiety, reduce stress, improve your wellbeing or improve your meditation practice, Neurohealing provides a holistic approach to heal your mind.

Combining Neurofeedback and meditation coaching to:
  • Heal depression and anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve concentration & focus
  • Improve meditation
  • Weight management
Neurofeedback can also help in the treatment of addictions, promoting emotional healing, as well as improving focus and concentration.

Through its use you will be able to train yourself consciously to alter your mental state into one that is more positive for you.

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