"Learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. For it is only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature, and so find the stability and confidence you will need to live, and die, well."
                    Sogyal Rinpoche

Like Max Cade - Laura Lilienthal came to meditation and bio-feedback through martial arts. She came across neurofeedback and used it initially for peak performance, she went on to win two National Gold titles. Her experience and success with neurofeedback and peak performance led her to Max Cade and Anna Wise. She went on to train with Anna and assisted her at the Esalen Institute in California. Laura combines Anna's therapeutic work, (peak performance, transformational self-healing and mystical states development),  together with techniques taken from Buddhist Mindfulness and Compassion techniques, that neuroscience is now showing has benefits for all, regardless of faith, belief and race.

Laura's experience of these Buddhist practices (she is friends with and seeks advice from Geshes from Gaden Monastery) together with the Alpha/Theta/Gamma EEG training, allow her to enable many others in their quest for change and personal development.

Laura is the only qualified Awakened Mind practitioner in the UK, having received her certification in 2005 in California USA from Anna Wise, early pioneer of EEG neuromonitoring for healing and transformation.

laura lilienthal  

"You create an extremely warm and safe environment in which to explore how meditation can benefit us all, no matter our "style", belief system or walk of life. Your generosity and enthusiasm made my sessions something to really look for! Finally, not needing to match any expectations felt like a precious and rare gift and I deeply thank you for that"

- J.O

Neurofeedback with Laura has had an immensely positive impact on my life. It has been by far the most effective treatment for my long term anxiety and depression, giving me a lasting ability to manage my condition and improve my confidence and self-esteem. The neurofeedback sessions are relaxing and refreshing and Laura is a warm and friendly practitioner. I would gladly recommend Neurohealing  to anyone as an effective and focused alternative to counseling and psychotherapy.

- Terry B

Thank you so much...This really did help me.
- V.P 

Neurofeedback helped me end 10 years of counseling. Since the training I am more in control of my emotions and able to cope better with stressful situations, I am also more focused at work.  I feel like a different person and everything just feels easier, my whole state of mind has changed for the better.

- Mary H.

When my marriage failed I was filled with anxious thoughts and depression. I was unable to sleep and to relax. The sessions I did with Laura enabled me to see and realise how my thoughts effected my state. I learnt deep relaxation easily and effectively. It is the thing that helped me the most in this difficult time.

- Aliz M

I would really recommend Neurohealing  - being guided by Laura, who is an excellent trainer and therapist, gave me the confidence to take the necessary steps for changing.

- R.M. London

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