How many sessions are needed?    
Because everyone is different it could be anywhere between 10 and 40 visits, if there is deep trauma it could be more. Sessions needed will also depend on your response and openness to change. However I intend to help you get there as quickly as possible.

How long before you feel a difference?
Some people can feel a change after only one session, others need 6 - 10 before they feel a change.

How long is each session?
A session is one hour, comprising of two 20 minute 'protocols' or mini sessions, the hour also includes time for the 'hook up' and review of your wellbeing.

How often do you need to come?
For optimum and fast change 2 - 3 times a week, however I have seen results in some people with only one session. Consistency is the key.

How does training transfer to everyday situations?
In neurofeedback training, the “beep” is the sound you hear to remind your brain to return to the goal (to relax, to focus, or a goal for a specific client). Like building strength in the gym, when you go to lift something heavy the strength is still there, likewise, when you train your brain you can be more focused and less anxious in everyday situations.

Is there enough research?

Over 1000 studies have been published related to this field. The majority of outcome studies are in three areas:  epilepsy, ADD, and substance abuse, in addition to basic research.
Alpha Theta training has been shown to be more efficient than talk therapy for the treatment of personality disorders, substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder.

Are there adverse effects?
There are 30 years of clinical experience with neurofeedback, and thousands of training sessions. There are no known situations where a long-term adverse effect has been identified.
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